Thursday, March 03, 2011

A great day!

Having dipped on waxwings about 6 times so far this year, I was getting a bit frustrated. On Tuesday night, I read about a waxwing sighting in Crawley, West Sussex - about 20 minutes from here. Were we finally going to connect with these beautiful Scandinavian birds again?

When we arrived in Crawley (Southgate) yesterday morning, they were indeed there, 17 of them, perched high up in a tree. This was promising! And the sun was shining! They were trilling away and I thought they'd come down to the apple tree they had been feeding in any second. After a few minutes, they did all take off...and disappeared. Nooooooo! We waited another 55 minutes but they didn't return and it was getting really chilly, despite the sunshine. D'oh! :(

So we decided to pop down to Warnham Nature Reserve and come back for the waxwings later.

Within five minutes of arriving in the Woodpecker Hide we got lucky and got the shots we'd been wanting for weeks: one of the male sparrowhawk that perched right in front of us for a few seconds and one of a beautiful marsh tit. And in decent light...yeah!


After a great couple of hours watching woodland birds, we went back to Crawley but the waxwings didn't appear to be there. We were about to drive off again when I spotted the waxwings up in the high tree. The light was now perfect - but would the waxwings eventually feed on the apples again? So we waited for about 20 minutes and they finally did descend onto the apple tree - about 24 of them! Absolutely fantastic!!!! We got some lovely shots and had enough time to also stop to just watch them. Wonderful birds.... :)

A great day indeed!

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