Monday, December 31, 2012

Birding in 2012

2012 wasn't a fantastic year for bird photographers...or for people living near rivers. It basically rained all year and sunny days that were great for birding and photographing birds were few.

However, I did encounter many wonderful birds - although, I have to admit, I haven't updated my blog since March to actually tell you about them. I am going to be a better blogger in 2013!!

Here are a few photos of some of the great birds I was lucky enough to see and photograph in 2012.

A Dartford warbler in Surrey in March 2012.

A Sussex nightingale in April 2012.

Wood warblers at Buchan Country Park in May 2012.

An Ashdown Forest cuckoo in May 2012.

 An East Sussex little owl in late May 2012.

A Pulborough Brooks barn owl in June 2012.

The Chichester peregrine falcons in June 2012.

Avocets at Sidlesham Ferry Pool in July 2012.

Spotted flycatchers on Ashdown Forest in August 2012.

A red-footed falcon at Chichester Ivy Lake in September 2012.

An osprey at Warnham Nature Reserve in late September 2012.

A desert wheatear at Worthing in October 2012.

A hawfinch and a tree sparrow (distant record shot through glass) in my
parents' garden in Germany in October 2012.

A dipper, also in Germany (record shot taken with small digital camera).

Waxwings in Croydon in late November 2012.