Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grey Phalarope at Hove - Hello again and farewell!

Yesterday, I decided that I couldn't resist and had to visit the lovely little grey phalarope at Hove once more. As before, it was happily swimming around on the small paddling pool, looking relaxed and happy. 


Unfortunately, this changed soon after we arrived: a crow appeared and chased the phalarope off. They both flew towards the Lagoon.

The crow soon returned to the pool, the phalarope did not (and also was no-where to be seen on the Lagoon). The crow, black-headed gulls and herring gulls were all feeding on the mealworms that people had put down for the phalarope.

While we were waiting, the gulls, a starling having a bath and several pied wagtails kept us entertained.

After about 40 minutes, the phalarope did finally return but looked nervous and was clearly not very happy. It quickly had several mealworms and as soon as the crow appeared again on the fence, the lovely little wader was off....not to be seen again.

Thank you, beautiful little bird, for bringing a lot of joy to birders and non-birders alike. I wish you a safe journey and a successful breeding season ahead!

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