Friday, March 16, 2012

Warnham Nature Reserve - again

Earlier this week, we went to Warnham Nature Reserve yet again; it's just a lovely place and you know you'll probably get some nice photos of woodland birds (in winter anyway). However, it was very busy, Woodpecker hide was quite crowded so I couldn't sit/stand in my favourite spots and didn't stay very long.
I did get a shot of a long-tailed tit feeding...been after that for a while! :)

Also photographed one of the reed buntings...almost in full breeding plumage now...

Not too keen on the feeder in this shot but I really like the look on the little siskin's face...

 On the way back to the car park, a male dunnock perched right in front of us and sang his little heart out. Brilliant! Such beautiful little birds - not "dull" at all! - and fabulous songsters.

Spring is in the air!

With reports of many new arrivals in the country - including the first few hirundines, chiffchaffs and wheatears (loads reported yesterday and today!) - I just cannot wait to get out there.
Hopefully Monday...I hope there'll be some male wheatears waiting for me somewhere...I'm still hoping for a really good shot of one before they move on to their breeding grounds. To hear the first chiffchaff, spot the first know what, I'm childishly excited!!!!! :)

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