Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mealy Redpoll?

In glorious sunshine, we popped down to Warnham LNR this morning. The flock of redpolls has grown quite a bit - there were at least 10 birds on and around the Woodpecker Hide nyger seed feeder. I always watch the redpolls as I'm really fond of them - and of course I always hope I might spot a mealy among the lessers. And today I think this might have happened!
One bird stood out. A female, much larger than the other redpolls, very pale with no brown on her chest/sides/upperparts and a bright white wingbar. Having studied quite a few photos and having read several articles on how to tell the two species apart, I am fairly certain that this bird is a mealy. I only managed a couple of poor shots before the bird flew off but you can clearly see how different it looks from the lesser redpoll.

It's the bird on the right - large and very pale.

Here it is the bird on the left.

If anyone thinks I'm completely wrong, please do get in touch. I do hope it is a mealy...a lifer for me! :)